Groovatron Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Title: Groovatron
Location: Mousetrap

Description: Groovatron’s final show before a hiatus. They will perform the entire Sublime self titled LP + lots of your favorites!

Date: 2010-12-18

“They paint psychedelic vistas like Syd-era Pink Floyd, then ease into funky bass-driven jams before launching into heavy slabs of hard rock, and finally shifting right back into the 1960s with swampy guitar sounds and Doors-style backgrounds…”
Paul F. P. Pogue-Nuvo

“I can’t remember the last time I heard an album this eccentrically diverse…The six members of Groovatron play an impressive array of instruments, and more importantly, they play them really well…there’s not a bad song on the album.  My favorite album so far this year. Highly recommended.”
Don’t Mind If I Do album review
Mark Burnell-Jammed Online

“This band is wide open; they play with abandon and, like any good spice, boast a flavor that is enhancing from beginning to end.”
Jaime Lee-Hittin’ The Note Magazine
Winter 2006 Issue, Atlanta, GA

“Undoubtedly the most significant improvement came in the Campground Stage that lay in the heart of the primary campground. Breakout acts such as Groovatron, Matisyahu, Steel Train, and Pnuma each tore through sets here, providing some of the most impressive music that Wakarusa had to offer.”
2005 Wakarusa Festival Review

“they are akin to classic jambands like moe. and Phish in their style…and they don’t fit neatly into any box…Though silly, stupid and musically schizophrenic, Groovatron are fun…All of Groovatron’s supposed flaws come together to form a band and an album that revels in the uninhibited, childlike joy of laughter and play…Groovatron is a jamband. But they’re a pretty darn good one, and at least they’re not afraid to admit it.”
Don’t Mind If I Do album review

“an exceptionally fine 21st century band…One truly has no idea where the group’s twisted musical path will lead, that is, aside from an innate sense that it’s going somewhere good. Get it on with Groovatron…Highly recommended!”
Mick Skidmore-Relix Magazine
Feb/March 2002 Issue, New York City