IndyMojo presents – Altered Thurzdaze: DEMF/Summercamp Pre-Party

IndyMojo presents - Altered Thurzdaze: DEMF/Summercamp Pre-Party I think everyone in our circle is familiar with two of the Midwest’s largest festivals coming Memorial Day Weekend – Movement (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) and Summercamp. and G-9 Collective are proud to bring you a nice blend of the two, to see you off before you head out on your adventure.

DEMF/Summercamp Pre-Party

with Special Guests

Chroma/Azure/Primate/Kombination Research/Phobiq

As a producer, Adam Jay has taken the global techno scene by the throat with continuous output on the most respected labels worldwide. He has toured the world as a DJ and live performer on 5 continents and 20 countries. Dave Clarke dubbed him as “an undisputed hero in techno” (Whitenoise Radio July 31, 2010)

Best known for his releases on renowned labels such as Pornographic, Primate, Kombination Research, Zync, as well as Ben Sims’ own Theory Recordings, Adam’s sound can be best defined as soul infused techno with constant movement and motion. With more than 50 twelve-inch vinyl releases to his name, Adam’s musical palette as a producer extends well into his selections as a DJ, earning him a bimonthly residency in 2008 at the renowned Tokyo club Studio Cube 326.

Constantly pushing to refine his sound, Adam’s own Chroma label was founded in 2010 and represents a modern take on up-front techno with purpose.


Eumatik is a living, trance-inducing, funk-blasting, dance mechanism that stimulates the mind by being harmonically innovative and experimental, yet easily accessible in the conventions of modern electronica. What makes their approach to music so interesting is their ability to allure the listener with catchy hooks, slowly lead them outside their accustomed musical boundaries by means of developing harmony, and finally bring them back within a single composition. This is accomplished by fusing a diverse variety of musical techniques that range from jazz theory to 18th century counterpoint. Although their music is thoroughly composed, it contains lengthy sections of improvisation that make every live show unique. Eumatik brings elements of hip hop, funk, trance, jazz, dubstep and disco into ideas that reorder the perception of its own genre-based facade by tastefully covering an incredibly large range of musical concepts. Another important aspect that contributes to their thumb-print sound is their mix of vintage keyboards with ultra-modern sound design and synthesis.

As much of their focus off-stage is spent organizing and maintaining a focused outlook on each composition, they’re constantly looking for fresh and innovative ways to use music technology as a tool for improvisation. When Eumatik is on-stage, they strive to keep the crowd dancing while making sure everything is melodically and harmonically interesting at the same time. While performing, the overall form and direction is controlled by Josh Lockwood, who utilizes Abelton Live along with an Akai MPK and APC. Jazz pianist, Ashton Kleemann, is constantly playing signature parts on various keyboards along with a MIDI-keyboard that Josh runs Ableton effects through. This MIDI-keyboard directly interacts with what is being played live to create a bizarre and unique atmosphere of band member communication. Mix in the organic sounds of their live drummer, Derek Shelton, and you hear the UFO-summoning, twist-bopping, trance-inducing, disco-fever-catching sounds that are Eumatik.

Sumo Records

Djing since 1998 and throwing down everything from drum n bass , tech house , breaks and turntablism he has always raised the bar. Opening for headliners such as Dj Dara, Dj Rap and Dj Funk and playing on the same bill as Christopher Lawrence, Dj Q Bert and D Styles, Ak 1200, Soul-Slinger and many more he has always held his own with style, tricks and great mixing. Currently part of the” Just Three White Guys” that also have gained respect throwing down at all events for the past 8 years.Playing his music from the age of four from piano to drums, sax and guitar he moved on to turntables and production. Don’t forget to catch him on the dance floor because his dancing is second only to his musical ability.

Indymojo/G-9 Collective

With nearly 10 years of DJ experience, Kodama’s musical preference has touched all spectrums of electronic music. Performing under a life-long nickname, Kodama embodies the exuberant and jovial tendencies of the mythical tree spirits he shares a title with. These characteristics, paired with a healthy dabbling in many sub-genres of electronic music, come together to produce an invigorating symphony of sound.



The Mousetrap
5565 N. Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN

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$2 Domestic Pints
$3 Import/Craft Pints
$4 Pickleback Shots (Jameson + Pickle juice)
$4 Absoluts

As always, Hoopers, Poi spinners, and other Flow Ninjas are welcome!

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