IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thurzdaze w/ BITCH PLEASE

IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thurzdaze w/ BITCH PLEASE
IndyMojo Presents:




Bitch Please is the ghetto glam bastard child of Atlanta based producer Charles F. Moreland III. It was hatched in the backwoods of Kentucky, when Charles wanted to combine his love for Top 40 R&B/Hip Hop mixed with his passion of creating bass driven beats and remixes. Ranging between electro, dubstep, drum n bass and house music, Bitch Please has no problem changing up the tempo several times during a set. The idea of Bitch Please is simple: Stunner shades, champaign flowing, fur coats, and surprise remixes and vocal samples that bring back memories of drinking boxed wine in your car and getting hype to the new Master P track blasting on the radio. Bitch Please knows how to rage proper!!
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Boston, MA
Encanti is an independent artist dedicated to creating high-quality and uniquely customized electronic media experiences. He is an independent music producer, performer, sound designer, DJ, and VJ.
Encanti produces and performs bass-oriented styles of electronic dance music, working closely with Vermin Street Arts and Media of Boston, Massachusetts. Encanti’s tracks combine dubstep, jamtronica, techno, traditional international styles, and original sound design. His music is performed on laptop, utilizing fast-paced remixing techniques, with mind-bending breakdowns and live mutating effects.
Zebbler Encanti Experience:
ZEE, aka Zebbler Encanti Experience, is a union of two independent artists with diverse backgrounds, creating an original platform for combining VJing, DJing, performance art, and cross-media production. As the name implies, ZEE works to immerse its audience in an experience – weaving together illusions that are both sensory and psychological.
Performing at venues spanning from art galleries to dance parties, musician Encanti and video artist Zebbler (Voted #1 Best Visual Artist in Boston in 2009 by readers of Boston Pheonix, and 12th Best VJ in the World 2007 by readers of DJ Magazine) are currently expanding a catalog of original A/V content.
Zebbler Encanti Experiences feature hi-def multi-projector video performance technology (new VJ software called “ZEBBLERTRON” created by Interim Descriptor) and original music mixes, frequently presented in surround sound. ZEE often collaborates with event promoters and artists to customize their performances for each event.
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With local support from:
* JEREMY DAEGER (Birthday set!)
Indymojo // G-9 Collective
* DJ Klean
Grime Time Collective


Extra lights and extra bass of course.


Thursday, April 12th


No Cover
21 +


$2 Domestic Pints
$3 Craft Beers
$4 Absolut
$4 Jameson


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