IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thurzdaze w/ House Shoe Playas

IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thurzdaze w/ House Shoe Playas

Indymojo and G-9 Collective¬†are excited to bring you your weekly dose of Altered Shenanigans and music….

with special guests….
Funk You, inc
Fort Wayne, IN

House Shoe Playas began as a outlet for Funk You, Inc founder and co-conspirator Christopher Mooney aka SixFour Commodore and Joseph Farrow aka Joey Fanatic to collaborate live sets as a tag team duo. Since then it has grown to incorporate a number of Funk You, Inc dj’s while playing collaborative house sets, across multiple styles and subgenre’s of house, and also includes a bi-weekly radio broadcast on every other Saturday night from 7pm-9pm EST. Regardless of who is playing at the core of it all is a love for House Music, and a love for spinning/dj’ing shared by all of us, and the fact that regardless of the venue, location, scenario, or time frame, we all just want to have a great time and share our love for what we do with our audience, our friends, and our family. As the politics, drama, attitudes, and egos experience their traditional ebb and flow throughout the scene, we escape it all by just doing what we love and sharing it with others. We don’t have to headline an event to enjoy it, we don’t have to have all of our names included on the flyer, we don’t have to play to the biggest crowds, because our love is not for the fame, the glory, the profit of it, but for the music, for the party, and for the people. Our love is for House, House Music, the House Scene, and House Heads alike around the world. And when we play, we hope you enjoy every minute of it as much as we enjoy playing for all of you.

Funk You, inc
Fort Wayne, IN


More TBA


Thurzday, July 31st

The Mousetrap
5565 N Keystone Ave.


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