IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thurzdaze w/ J. Wail

IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thurzdaze w/ J. Wail and G-9 Collective are proud to present J.WAIL at The Mousetrap in Indianapolis, IN on 6/7/12!
Colorphorms Tour


Colorado live electronic funk duo, J.WAIL, has announced a string of dates for the 2nd leg of their ‘Colorphorms Tour’! Just a few short weeks after the release of the new album, ‘Lazers n’ Flowers’, J.WAIL is ready to hit the road in the Midwest and share their version of world clashing modern day womps, wobbles and glitches with wailing guitar riffs and live drums to accompany. Fighting against the norm, the structure, composition and execution of any song in the J.WAIL arsenal is sure to get a lot of heads turning. Catch them at Altered Thurzdaze, presented by IndyMojo on Thursday June 7th at The Mousetrap in Indianapolis, Indiana!


~J.WAIL Bio~
Denver, CO


It is the dawn of an age of digital wizardry and in this modern era gadgets seem to surge in song, congealing in an amalgamation of buzzes, beeps and blips. The pulsing of machines and pounding of concrete and steel in symphonic collage power our world. J.WAIL rises to the call of the sonic traffic controller, poised behind a palette of electronic devices, guitar, booming bass and live drums. The dance floor becomes the launch pad where the duo fuses live instrumentation with organic electronica propelling mind, soul and booty into the upper stratosphere of sound. In the resonance of music and technology, they meld the sounds of tomorrow with the power of now into a bumping, party anthem for modern mankind. J.WAIL’s enthusiasm and strong desire to share and spread music has earned him a reputation as one of the hardest working artists in the touring industry.


J.WAIIL’s tours have logged countless road miles with hundreds of club/theater dates and festivals performed on all corners of the North America. Stretching into the DJ-based dance sound with the approach of a live band J.WAIL creates “club-funk-glitch-rock” through innovative techniques using live guitar, live drums, vocals, synthesizers and live electronics. J.Wail’s ability to experiment and improvise nightly has led to several appearances and collaborations with some prominent musicians including touring at times with Chuck Morris [Lotus]. J.WAIL has shared on stage collaborations with Michael Travis and Jason Hann (EOTO/String Cheese Incident), Dean Ween (Ween), Brock Butler (Perpetual Groove), Tom Constanten (Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, ex member of the Grateful Dead), members of the Brazilian Girls and has performed on bills with national artists such as Bassnectar, The New Deal, Particle, Perpetual Groove, Ana Sia and Boombox.


J.WAIL has just released his third Album Lazers n’ Flowers which stands out among the masses of musicians in the age of live electronic music because the sounds of this music are truly one of a kind and genre-bending. J.WAIL’s unique styles and techniques infused with live drums leave the audience with a healthy dose of live electro funk euphoria good enough to last til’ the next show!


*Grab the new album ‘Lazers n’ Flowers’ Here!*


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