IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thxgivinz

IndyMojo Presents: Altered Thxgivinz

IndyMojo presents: Altered Thxgivinz

Sacrifice your leftovers to the bass gods! Kneel before them and present cranberry sauce!

* Pitch-In Dinner:
Bring a dish..Bring leftovers..whatever.
Ladies don’t forget to make cookies. 🙂

* Open Decks:
There will be a sign up sheet on the stage. If we get a lot of DJs we will do 30-60 minute sets. Everyone is welcome. Bring what you need to play. We will provide decks and mixer only.

* Thxgivinz Drink Specials:
$2 Domestic Pints
$3 Craft Brews
$4 Jameson
$4 Absolut

We are starting the night at 8pm for the pitch-in.

The Mousetrap
5565 N. Keystone Ave.


No Cover

Beware Turkeys with laser cannons in their eye holes.

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