IndyMojo presents.. EP3 + BAD DAGGER

IndyMojo presents.. EP3 + BAD DAGGER EP3 returns to Indianapolis in style for another guaranteed rager at the Mousetrap!, Underlying Themes + Music Matters Productions present..

:: EP3 + BAD DAGGER ::

The Mousetrap
Indianapolis, IN

::: EP3 :::

If you’re haven’t heard of EP3 (Eight Planets Past Pluto) and their innovative brand of livetronica, then you’ve got some serious catching up to do. The Atlanta-based four piece band has been making huge strides in the Electronic Music Scene, sharing the stage with top-notch performers like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Shpongle, Benga, and many more. Known for mixing electronic elements with traditional instrumentation, the group creates a novel sound that everyone, from jam band lovers, to hoola hoopers, and electroheads can appreciate. It’s a sound full of entrancing elements. Their EP “Eight Planets Past Pluto” features ethereal and mellow vocals that flicker in between synth squelches, epic guitar melodies, and crushing drums . The group’s earlier release “EP3D” displays echoing drum kicks, intergalactic dubstep wobbles, funky synths, & sometimes wonky keyboard riffs. These sounds are supplied by Dan Cox on Guitar, Charles F. Moreland III(Chuck) on keys/synths, Tom Hilton on drums, and Patrick Scalambrino on bass. With constant touring, hours of studio time at their own Underlying Themes label, and support from Music Matters Productions, EP3’s mission is clear: to spread their unique improvisational sound throughout the galaxy.