Indymojo/G-9 Presents – Altered Thurzdaze (1.27): Clinical Sessions

Altered Thurzdaze 1-27

Indy Mojo

G-9 Collective and G-9 Collective bring you….

Altered Thurzdaze: Clinical Sessions

with Special Guest Instructors….

* Shiva
BASS Music/Dubstep

For 15 years, Indianapolis techno mainstay DJ Shiva has brought a multitude of techno flavors to dancefloors nationwide. From electro to minimal, Chicago Jack to Detroit soul, the deepest to the hardest techno, her attention deficit disorder requires variety in both music and technique.

Shiva is determined not only to spread the eclectic sounds of techno and modern bass music to new audiences, but to quite possibly live in a subwoofer someday.

Having played dubstep (or it’s previous incarnations) before most of the new school dub fashionistas even started spinning, prepare for a clinical session like no other.

* Ben Wu
Bang Tech 12
Techno/Tech House

Ben Wu has been DJ’ing for over a decade. His style has constantly been evolving and changing from day one. You could describe his music now as being somewhere between Techno and House depending on Ben’s mood and the gig. He does have a fondness for that Acid sound though…..”Everybody needs a little 303.”

* -G-
G-Style/G-Funk/Dub influenced DNB

A sucker for nuance & subtlety, -g- has spent the past fifteen years trainspotting & compiling a massive mental archive of the best music of our time. focusing on breakbeats & eclectic electronic music, -g- will often go deeper than most. dancefloor savvy yet high-brow enough to keep the audiophile’s head bobbin’, -g- takes the listener to a level untouched by most yet craved by all. be sure to catch a specially-crafted dubstep influenced set exclusively for altered thursdaze by one of indy’s most diverse & unsung dj’s.

* Hollow Point
Indymojo // G-9 Collective
Drum and Bass

Hollow Point is making moves and rising through the ranks of Indianapolis’s elite bass-heavy DJs. His style makes sure to keep the audience moving with thick basslines and he always has something for everyone. Now teamed up with Indymojo/G-9, the sky’s the limit for this dancefloor-friendly DJ. Catch him every week on his online radio show, Wednesday nights at 9pm ET hosted by



The Mousetrap
5565 N. Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN

Drink Specials:

$2 Domestic Pints
$3 Import/Craft Pints
$3.50 Pickleback Shots (Jameson)
$4 Absoluts

As always, Hoopers, Poi spinners, and other Flow Ninjas are welcome!

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