IndyMojo’s Party Bus & ID Festival After Party @ The Mousetrap

IndyMojo's Party Bus & ID Festival After Party @ The Mousetrap * Party Bus to & from Identity Festival

* After Party at The Mousetrap


* THE COOP​eCoopMusic

Hailing from Chicago, IL, The Coop is a young, forward-thinking band on the rise in both the electronic and jamband worlds. Capturing the modern unification of organic and future sounds, The Coop consistently takes the listener on genre-bending aural adventures through the fusion of the elements of electronica and traditional instrumentation. With a core sound elementally driven by breakbeat, dub …and jazz, The Coop’s music offers an ebb and flow of intense electronic layering interwoven with thoughtful live performance from the young trio.

The Coop is Jacob Barinholtz on Drums, Cason Trager on Bass and Electronics, and Danny Biggins on Guitar and Synth. In the last year, the band has made great strides – playing the main stage at North Coast Music Festival (alongside The Chemical Brothers, Pretty Lights, Damian Marley & Nas, Umphreys, The Disco Biscuits, The New Deal, etc) as well as sharing the stage in Chicago and the Midwest supporting acts such as The New Deal, Murph (STS9) vs DJ Rootz, Future Rock, VibeSquaD, Emancipator, Bluetech, The Malah, Eprom, & many more. In early March 2011, The Coop released their latest studio effort ‘Internalize’ and shared an Album Release bill with The Polish Ambassador (1320) and Fresh2Death with an attendance of over 500 at The Kinetic Playground. For a free download of The Coop’s ‘Internalize’ and all other information, please visit​t/

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* EUMATIK​matik

Eumatik is a living, trance-inducing, funk-blasting, dance mechanism that stimulates the mind by being harmonically innovative and experimental, yet easily accessible in the conventions of modern electronica. What makes their approach to music so interesting is their ability to allure the listener with catchy hooks, slowly lead them outside their accustomed musical boundaries by means of developin…g harmony, and finally bring them back within a single composition. This is accomplished by fusing a diverse variety of musical techniques that range from jazz theory to 18th century counterpoint. Although their music is thoroughly composed, it contains lengthy sections of improvisation that make every live show unique. Eumatik brings elements of hip hop, funk, trance, jazz, dubstep and disco into ideas that reorder the perception of its own genre-based facade by tastefully covering an incredibly large range of musical concepts. Another important aspect that contributes to their thumb-print sound is their mix of vintage keyboards with ultra-modern sound design and synthesis.

As much of their time off-stage is spent organizing and maintaining a focused outlook on each composition, Eumatik is constantly looking for fresh and innovative ways to use music technology as a tool for improvisation. When they’re on-stage, they strive to keep the crowd dancing while making sure everything is melodically and harmonically interesting at the same time. While performing, the overall form and direction is controlled by Josh Lockwood, who utilizes Abelton Live along with an Akai MPK and APC. Jazz pianist, Ashton Kleemann, is constantly playing signature parts on various keyboards along with a MIDI-keyboard that Josh runs Ableton effects through. This MIDI-keyboard directly interacts with what is being played live to create a bizarre and unique atmosphere of band member communication. Mix in the organic sounds of their live drummer, Derek Shelton, and you hear the UFO-summoning, twist-bopping, trance-inducing, disco-fever-catching sounds that are Eumatik.


* $3 for after party only

* $15 for the bus ride & after party

* Complimentary keg on the bus

* Tickets to Identity Festival here.

* More details to come on departure times.