MAB opening for Jerry Joseph – Saturday, June 3rd

Max Allen Band



Max Allen Band

Max Allen Band (MAB) is the brainchild and workhorse of singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Max Allen. Performing professionally since the age of 16, Allen got his start by selling home recordings out of a lunchbox at school, later making waves as an upcoming blues guitar prodigy. Some thirteen years later, he has grown into a seasoned performer and composer whose tastes have evolved to include the very best of funk, rock, blues, pop, jazz, reggae, classical, EDM and hip-hop. For over a decade, Allen and MAB have kept audiences all over the country coming back for more of the wide variety of genres, incredible musicianship, thoughtful lyrics and contagious melodies that each show brings. Max Allen has six studio albums and thousands of performances to his credit, and he is still going strong.

Armed with a newly solidified lineup that features more talent than ever before, Max Allen Band is proud to present its 2013 release, Everyone Thinks You’re Weird. The album features many new territories for the band, from bassist Dace Robie’s lush string quartet arrangements to drummer Shaan France’s layered percussion to Max Allen’s most sophisticated and exciting solo work to date. ETYW also features additional keys and synths from composer/producer Gary Mielke and vocals by Midwest hip-hop favorite Rusty Redenbacher.

Another exciting new feature of ETYW is the songwriting team that is Allen and Robie, whose diverse backgrounds and tastes complement each other wonderfully. The album creates a journey through contrasts: light to dark, catchy to complex, and old school to fresh and new. Max Allen keeps listeners guessing with a recording that features everything from pop to progressive rock to dubstep to calypso and more, all the while bringing out Max Allen’s signature vocal and guitar sound. ETYW is the culmination of a rich musical past for MAB and marks the beginning of a bright new era of music making for the band.

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