Rusty Redenbacher and Mr. Kinetik, Native Sun, Midwest State of Mind, David Peck & DJ Mass Appeal

Rusty Redenbacher and Mr. Kinetik ,Native Sun, Midwest State of Mind, David Peck & DJ Mass Appeal
Saturday night check out an evening of live music as Indianapolis “Naptown Slim” Rusty Redenbacher gets funkay with Mr. Kinetik, as they descend upon the Mousetrap Bar & Grill. Alongside will be local Alternative Rock Blues players Midwest State of Mind & The Native Sun. Starting off the night with Electronic musician Sound designer and bringer of vibes from Indianapolis, Indiana, David Peck.At the end of the night boiling down all of the funkay sounds, DJ Mass Appeal will be putting his own personal Naptown funk spin on it. A night you sure don’t want to miss at The Mousetrap.

Saturday May 11th at 9:00 PM @ The Mousetrap


*Rusty Redenbacher
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In Rusty Redenbacher’s 2 decade plus run of the Indy music scene he has successfully captured the hearts of a progressive arts community on the verge of national super stardom. His multiple releases with rock collectives Birdmen of Alcatraz and Lazarus, hip-hop groups The Mudkids and Tornado Alley and more have shown the local, regional, and national music scene the extreme versatility and dexterity it takes to be embraced by not only his peers but music lovers of all shapes, sizes, and cross-genre backgrounds.

*Mr. Kinetik
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Mr. Kinetik draws from many wide influences to create the music you will hear. Music is an expressive and creative language and the pursuit of mastery is the driving force behind Mr. Kinetik. A quest for self-preservation through the use of music while adding some positive vibes to the equation along the way.

*Native Sun
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The native sons of Native Sun have a different outlook on their city of Nap. It is their belief that Indianapolis harbors a wealth of talent, particularly in the vein of hip hop. Leading by example, the band envisions that traditional hip hop elements (compelling lyricism, dusty samples, dope beats) paired with the versatility of live instrumentation has the potential to create music that sounds like nothing before it.

*Midwest State Of Mind
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Midwest State of Mind is a four piece band that mixes genres and characteristics to create bold new music. A vibe that resonates as both familiar and brand new simultaneously leads to a diametric yet universally approachable sound. Our songs aim to please the crowd and energize all in attendance. What better way to experience this all-inclusive music than by a live show?

*DJ Mass Appeal
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Jake Massey aka DJ Mass Appeal started rocking the 1’s & 2’s at Indiana University. At that time it was just a hobby, but little did he know, it would quickly turn into his passion and a way of life. Mass Appeal quickly gained popularity in “B-Town” throwing underground parties with DJ CanAm and other local DJs, rocking the fraternity scene and spinning sets at nightclubs.

*David Peck
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– Ƿ ą Ɣ į Ƿ Ҏ Ҿ ₢ Ҝ – Electronic musician. Sound designer. Bringer of vibes from Indianapolis, Indiana.

May 11th at 9:00 PM


The Mousetrap Bar & Grill
5565 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis, IN. 46220