Rusty Redenbacher’s Fonkay Blowout

Rusty Redenbacher's Fonkay Blowout

Get ready for a huge night of funkay beets and great music at The Mousetrap with Rusty Redenbacher’s Funkay Blowout. Rusty Redenbacher and Mr. Kinetik return to the Trap in whats going to be a night to remember. As in fashion of all these funkay shows, we put together a group of musical talent that will blow your socks off all night long.

* Rusty Redenbacher & Mr. Kinetik
Indianapolis, IN

In Rusty Redenbacher’s 2 decade plus run of the Indy music scene he has successfully captured the hearts of a progressive arts community on the verge of national super stardom. His multiple releases with rock collectives Birdmen of Alcatraz and Lazarus, hip-hop groups The Mudkids and Tornado Alley and more have shown the local, regional, and national music scene the extreme versatility and dexterity it takes to be embraced by not only his peers but music lovers of all shapes, sizes, and cross-genre backgrounds.

Mr. Kinetik draws from many wide influences to create the music you will hear. Music is an expressive and creative language and the pursuit of mastery is the driving force behind Mr. Kinetik. A quest for self-preservation through the use of music while adding some positive vibes to the equation along the way.


* Shy Guy Says – Indymojo/G9 Collective
Bloomington, IN

SHY GUY SAYS is an electronic music producer and performer straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, an 8bit villain ready to destroy any party at any time and somehow leave his victims wanting more. His eclectic, yet upbeat and danceable sound can best be described as a mixture of Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Electro, Down-tempo House, Drum Step, and Dubstep. It’s known for its heavy rhythmic swagger, yet at the same time can be lush and loaded with dirty synth bass sounds, warm ambiance, and 8-bit glitches.


* The B.E.A.T.
South Bend, IN

Hailing from the middle, the B.E.A.T. claim residency in South Bend, IN. They came together through a common love of music.
United as one, they are B.EAST, ELROY, ARTEMIS, & TOGETHER they aim for world domination. Musically, their influences are drawn from bands such as BATTLES, MINUS THE BEAR, & SOULIVE with lyrical influences such as NAS, MF DOOM, & KENDRICK LAMAR shining through to create a sound all of their own. Eschewing over produced ear candy, this band creates live loops & effects to connect stellar musicianship with great emceeing: the way it should be done!

Their hypnotic sound & captivating live performances are enough to sway any audience to agree that they have something special going on! Their chemistry is electrifying. Their sound is cutting edge. Their music is REAL!


*Shadyside Allstars

Shadyside employs this proficiency capturing the audiences attention through solid structure and vibrant improvisation. Known for well-rehearsed stage performances, the Allstars simultaneously astonish crowds with unpredicted melodies, harmonies and rhythm-based jams. Kristen Leep of Indianapolis Music.Net writes, “They are a talented, feel-good band that write strong songs, improvise well, but always a have a focus.” This funky, jam band momentum sparks rapport with multitudes of enthusiastic, energetic listeners. As spontaneous melodies soar over rooted grooves, the Allstars purpose prevails: a fan base grows.


*David Peck
Indianapolis, IN


The Mousetrap
5565 N. Keystone Ave.
Indianapolis, IN

$5.00 Cover

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