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Sirius Blvck

7the Studio Album FromSince his 2007 debut as the frontman for Indian City Weather, Sirius Blvck has been leaving his mark on the Indianapolis music scene as one of the city’s premier emcees. With Indiana City Weather, Sirius released two album that blended the group’s diverse backgrounds in hip-hop, funk, and rock. In 2012, Sirius released his debut solo mixtape titled Smoke in the Trees, which was followed by the first two of three albums with producer Bones of Ghosts. Around this time, Blvck began surrounding himself with like-minded emcees such as John Stamps and formed the Ghost Town Collective. Having laid the foundation for success, Sirius has teamed up with Rad Summer for the forthcoming release of Light in the Attic, his third album with Bones of Ghosts Indianapolis Rapper Sirius Blvck.

Sirius Blvck | bandcamp


Sirius Blvck | Sirius Blvck | facebook

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