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It was fall of 2008 when Nick got the phone call, “Get your ass back to Indy! It’s time to Rock and Roll!” He was living in Austin, Texas at the time cutting his teeth on the local blues circuit. “I knew they would challenge me and fuel my passion for music,” says Mallers. Longtime friends and band mates Brown and Potts met Nick from past musical endeavors and were confident he was the right choice for their latest project.

If you take the classic rock of the 1960’s and 70’s and filter it through a childhood in the 90’s you get LADYMOON. This power trio is comprised of Ryan Brown on lead guitar and vocals, Nick Mallers on drums and Kris Potts on bass. After regular touring and an independent release Resurface (2010) they caught the attention of Grammy Nominated Producer Paul Mahern. Together they collaborated on what would become their latest release A Thousand Hearts.

This was a pivotal junction in the history of the band. 2010 was a rough year personally for guitarist Ryan Brown, who lost four family members. His father’s suicide in February of that year lead to a myriad of new material. Writing and recording the songs for A Thousand Hearts was cathartic and brought the band members closer together.

The new record is a compilation of great songwriting accompanied by a strong studio performance, but what really draws the attention of their audience is hearing them live. “The technical skill of the band was on full display as both Brown and Potts revealed crispy, virtuosic fretting during their performance. Mallers easily handled the band’s many time signature changes. The power trio concluded their set with an all-out assault on their instruments, making me wonder if the on-stage haze was from the smoke machines or the band itself.” -Rob Burgess (Nuvo Magazine)

Find music from LADYMOON at local independent retailers as well as cdbaby.com and iTunes.
If you want the full experience catch them live on their next tour!

* Music Featured in the Morgan Mead film “My Bloody Wedding”
*1st Place Battle of Bands at Club Logos
*1st Place Battle of Bands at Plymouth Amphitheater
*Performed for over 35,000 at Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon
*Music featured on WCRD 91.3 FM, WTTS 92.3FM, WZPL 99.5FM
*Numerous appearances on WXIN FOX 59 Morning Show
*Composed over 50 original songs

Ladymoon | Ladymoon | facebookLadymoon | Ladymoon | ReverbNationLadymoon | Ladymoon | Twitter

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