Mungion – Friday, July 8th

Mungion - Friday, July 8th

Mungion releases debut album Scary Blankets
Scary Blankets is the first full length album from Chicago’s progressive jam band, Mungion. With a little more then a year under their belt they have put together a track list that appeals to almost anyone. The album contains a wide variety musical flavors that ranges from funk, rock, jazz and electronic. The vocals contain catchy hooks and harmonies that provide imagery that provide insight to the bands fun-loving personality. Scary Blankets is available for purchase, free download, streaming, or pay what you want.

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Mungion is a band that transcends genre classification with their intense musicality, exploratory improv, and light-hearted, yet dedicated attitude on-stage and in the studio. Blending elements of Rock, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Bluegrass, Jam, Electronic, Classical, World, and Funk, they create a true fusion of musics. Though, as they are quick to point out, it is not fusion, but rather a synthesis of many different melodic ideas into a new and original one.

Based out of Chicago, the band is comprised of veteran midwest musicians Justin Reckamp, Sean Carolan, Joe Re, and Dave Collum. All coming from eclectic and diverse musical backgrounds, the melding of their individualistic approaches to music allows them to tap in to a wide variety of styles and genres, and, in turn, results in a truly distinctive effect. Together, Mungion is creating a unique and innovative collective sound all of their own, incorporating many different characteristic approaches into a singular, musical stew.

After forming in Spring of 2015, Mungion has been blazing through the Midwest music scene, and have already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with throughout the country. Their strong devotion to touring continually puts them in front of new, rapidly-growing crowds every evening, and allows them the opportunity to cater each night’s music to the spectators in presence. Already topping festival bills, and headlining many of the highest profile venues in the midwest, they have nurtured a devoted and passionate fan-base through their close relationship with their audiences – never shy to engage with them on a personal level, as well as on a musical one.

Being extremely well-versed from an artistic standpoint, coupled with the ability to engage their listeners at every note, offers these gentleman the opportunity to take their listeners on a mystical, spiritual journey through the sonic landscape. Touted by Live for Live Music as “Chicago’s up and coming Jam Legends”, Mungion are sure to continue making waves and throwing artistic molds to the wayside for many years to come. Be on the lookout for their debut full-length album, “Scary Blankets”, set to be released early this summer.

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