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Bones Jugs N Harmony

Bones Jugs N Harmony

Bones, Jug, Xylophone, kazoos, steel pan resonator guitar, banjo, double bass, drums, all sorts of noise makers. These are just some of the instruments we play around with at our shows. The group began with the dream of throwing an energetic party with acoustic instruments, a high quality, clearly audible musical experience that could be had on street corners, on the beach, in living rooms, or amplified in a club.

We started with some old xylophone rags, featuring Cody Jensen, and have since built a large repertoire of originals and covers, old and new. As old as Leroy Carr’s “Barrelhouse Women”, Memphis Jugband’s “Sugar Puddin’”, and the classic “Salty Dog Blues,” and as new as the Beastie Boys’ “Girls,” Bone Thugs N Harmony’s “Crossroads,” and Abigail Washburn’s “Divine Bell.” We are highly influenced by jugbands and string bands, both new and old. We also perform calypso tunes featuring Tim Berg on steel pan, Mississippi John Hurt tunes featuring the guitar work of JP Goguen, and a slew of bluegrass standards and not-so-standards. With our extensive collection of instruments, our large spectrum of influences, and our quirky and thoughtful songwriting we embark on our journey of creating a new sound to share with all who will lend an ear.

We pride ourselves on being seriously silly, it’s a commitment to fun. We want to party. We want, we want to party. With you. And your friends. And other people that neither of us know. We’re hoping we can all dance till we fall down, sing till our voices cannot be found, and smile till our faces fall off. Bones.

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