Devon Allman’s Honeytribe

Devon Allman's Honeytribe

Devon Allman’s Honeytribe was formed in 1999 in St.Louis, Missouri. Led by singer/guitarist Devon Allman, they quickly became one of the top draws in their hometown and won the Jam Band of the Year award in the Riverfront Times Magazine Poll. Some recordings were made, small tours happened and then in late 2000, Devon disbanded the group to spend time with his newborn son, Orion, choosing to stay in St.Louis and play solo acoustic shows and work on music.

2005 found Devon appearing on a top 10 hit in Spain with Warner Brothers recording artist Javier Vargas. He was featured on the album LOVE, UNION, PEACE alongside Jack Bruce from Cream and others. MTV Europe exposure followed with tours covering 15 cities in Spain, islands off the coast of Africa, Norway and Macedonia. The success in Europe was then followed by Allman putting Honeytribe back together.

In late 2005 the members of Honeytribe started woodshedding new material that would eventually end up on their late 2006 debut album release, TORCH. Hailed by critics and fans alike, TORCH sold well in North America and Europe and was featured heavily on satellite radio. The band was invited to perform in both the XM and Sirius studios , playing exclusive hour-long sets for each that were broadcast multiple times. Touring ramped up, and from 2006 to 2009 Honeytribe gained fans the old school way : in a van , almost 300 dates a year , 44 states and 14 countries.

During that time, Honeytribe was featured on many festivals, headlining tours, and on many radio stations and television appearances. New fans, like Billy Bob Thornton and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, came and rocked out to the Honeytribe show in the Gibson tent at the annual CES convention in Las Vegas. Gibbons sat in and jammed with the Tribe and that year also saw Devon being asked to sit in with the legendary Les Paul, The Allman Brothers Band, Dickey Betts, Keller Wiliams, Beth Hart, Billy Bob Thornton as well as being featured in Relix, Guitar Player,Guitar World and Guitar One magazines.

Word was finally getting around that Honeytribe was much, much more than just a band with a singer /guitarist of famous heritage. It was an idea.. a feel..a band with serious musicians who simply want to see good music live on and were willing to tour their asses off to serve it up worldwide. World class bassist George Potsos brings an undeniable edge to this band also. An absolute monster to behold, both in terms of energy and musicianship. Gabriel Strange rounds out the trio on drums providing a solid feel and energy for the trio.

2010 found Allman and the Tribe in Memphis at Ardent studios again to make the sophomore album SPACE AGE BLUES. 2,500 purple Christmas lights were brought in to produce a vibe conducive to making a sci-fi blues epic. David Fricke from Rolling Stone stopped in while in town….Huey Lewis played some harmonica on the record and 40 days were spent with Allman producing what he feels is the most important record of their career.

Allman on “SPACE AGE BLUES” :

“Anyone gets a debut record, but with your sophomore record it’s time to go from the sand box to the beach,” Allman was quoted at NAMM show in Anaheim, CA while debuting his signature “Devon Allman” amp with Fuchs Audio Technology. “I really envisioned a futuristic blues, sort of a Darth Vader meets B.B.King…it could piss off the purists but I really just hope at the end of the day, people enjoy listening to where the blues can go once it’s out of it’s typical I,IV,V pattern….I mean, I’m totally down with the I, IV, V …let’s just twist it up a bit and sprinkle some cosmic dust on it, man.” “I think there’s some classic sounds on this record that I’m very pleased with , you’ll hear a lil’ Floyd , a lil’ Zeppelin, there’s a gospel number and even a ballad with a string section….it’s pretty diverse and way vibey, it’s definitely a night time record”

SPACE AGE BLUES debuted at number 7 on the Billboard blues charts in the USA and the band will be touring in support of the album worldwide through most of 2011.

Helping keep real music alive, a fan at a time, worldwide ….Devon Allman’s Honeytribe.