Midwest Rhythm Exchange

The Midwest Rhythm Exchange

The band is currently composed of Kevin Lee Guthridge (Blue Hound Underground) on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Matt Koher (Blueprint Music) on violin, Doug Sauter (Blueprint Music) on mandolin, and Aaron Ransdell (Tonos Triad) on the upright bass. Their song list consists of nearly 70 songs, including a variety of covers such as MIles Davis’s “So What”, “The Thrill is Gone”, Django Reinhardt’s “Minor Swing”, and “Listen to the Music” by the Doobie Brothers.

The band was founded in an attempt to bring traditional gypsy swing and other acoustic styles to a modern audience. Through a combination of progressive arrangements, experienced musicianship, and inspired compositions they deliver a high-energy show that finds a way to connect traditional music to a modern ‘jukebox audience’.

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