Old Union

Old Union

“Well now I’m committed to my decision for what I must prepare for,
I might wind up in the streets or in the mission, might never be heard from no more
I’ve been busy working on a building, building one piece at a time,
I’m gonna make a living here if it kills me, putting my soul on the line
And I refuse to be denied, tomorrow or today,
there’s been a song down in my life every step of the way
* Chorus *
Inspiration don’t fail me now,
Sweet Freedom come find me somehow”

……Embarks the Chuck Foster penned, “Sweet Freedom”. Poignant lyrics mixed with righteous guitar, monstrous backbone and Foster’s rollicking keys make up the ingredients of OLD UNION’s rock and roll formula. Foster, who began playing the keys because “everybody plays guitar”, melds an eclectic jukebox of influence alongside his boogie style piano. Ranging from Waylon Jennings to Muddy Waters and all points in between, Old Union defies the boundaries of genre music. They are parts old country, funk, gospel, rock and roll and Americana.

The heartfelt lyrics of the band accent their ability as musicians. Johnny Zvolensky and Steve Swertfeger channel an early era Allman Brothers Band vibe; capable of the same flawless teamwork and interplay. Effortlessly the two guitarists trade off lead roles backing the other with flawless rhythm. They both offer songwriting capabilities, and Swertfeger mixes things up with uncanny lap steel and slide guitar.

All of that astonishing guitar and piano needs a vehicle to ride with. David “Freight Train” Bryndal and Jason Williams provide ample backbone to hold it all together. Bryndal provides break neck beats from behind the kit, and Williams’s depth on bass has yet to fully be utilized. He is as comfortable on upright doghouse bass as he is laying down monstrous bombs from his electric Fender.

Road tested and ready, Old Union has been coast-to-coast delivering their coal-fired rock and roll. They have made appearances at music festivals like Bonnaroo, High Sierra Music Festival, Down on the Farm and many others. They also offered their talents as Bonnie Bramlett’s backing band for several tours that took them across the country and to Canada. They love working hard and playing music. Some friends they have shared the stage with include Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Steve Cropper, Charlie Daniels, Jack Pearson, Johnny Neel, Bonnie Bramlett, the Drive By Truckers and Outformation. They have also opened shows for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, the North Mississippi Allstars, Shooter Jennings, Widespread Panic’s JoJo Hermann, Johnny Winter, Tony Furtado, and many others.