Payton Brothers

Payton Brothers

The Payton Brothers shared musical path began in the fall of 2000. When, Jason, having just concluded his first band, Biltron, returned home to Stinesville, Indiana, (pop. 200) where Ryan was itching to learn the guitar chords to Luchenbach, Texas, by Willie, Waylon and the Boys. Thus began Jason and Ryan’s shared love of country music.

After years of working odd jobs to support his musical habit, Jason landed in the Ozark Mountains where his band, Wildwood, was a bluegrass regional favorite. Between various wanderings and travels, Jason would periodically return to the hoosier state to find his brother an emerging and highly talented string player, and songwriter. Between 2000- 2003 many basement recordings were made in which Jason and Ryan’s individual musical maturation are evident, but more importantly, their brotherly intuitution became highly developed. Songs from this time like; My Cookin’s Been Sufferin’ (Since You Left Me Here) and Walkin Thru the Hills, Walking to the Sea have remained vital to the brothers repertoire to this day. In 2004, Jason convinced Ryan to move to Arkansas and join him in Wildwood. Plans were soon hatched to assimilate electric instruments into the bluegrass fold. Having played only a handful of gigs, the brothers assembled a 5 piece rural rock band, known as Boone Webb, and promptly drove to Alaska playing every honkytonk along the way.

Jason and Ryan have returned from the Ozark Mountains back home to Indiana, where they continue to play and record their brand of original roots music as the Payton Brothers Band. Described as “bluesabilly” “mountainrock” or “The Stinesville Stones” Jason and Ryan continue to create new sounds that pay homage to their rural reality. Enjoying high profile gigs opening for Leon Russell, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and Big Smith The Payton Brothers sound has garnered regional acclaim. 2008 finds the boys promoting their newest, self-titled CD.

The Journal says, ..The Payton Brothers Band enjoys a multi-generational appeal that is known to whip crowds into frenzies. With a sound that is both rock and country, new and old, refined and rowdy this band is refreshingly necessary… The Payton Brothers Band originality is a breath of fresh air.

….the boys proceeded to produce an amazing array of acoustic instruments from the cramped and chaotic confines of an obviously well-traveled and not so well-lived in van, then gathered around a single mic and launched into a rambunctious set of all-original southern stompers that quickly put an end to any plans for a quick drink and a quiet evening at home. By the end of the night, tables had been pushed aside to make room for dancing, and the entire bar .. from barely legal summer kids to well-seasoned caravaners to a motley assortment of locals .. was stamping their feet and singing along… -Dawson City Music Festival Guide, Yukon Territory.

The four-piece Payton Brothers Band is country music at its best: straight-forward lyrics that tell stories, acoustic guitar to carry the melody, a stand-up bass for rhythm, sporadic harmonica, and just the right amount of twang.