Pilgrims of the Wild

Pilgrims Of The Wild

Pilgrims of the Wild!! AKA (POTWILD)Ryan Lee and Redd Smith. It all started back in 1982 when they were five and met in a small town Called Richmond, Indiana. Years have passed and there Musical tastes have changed!! They are a Stew of true Americana and the last few years has seen a very strong influence in Jazz and improvisation. Deep in study both Ryan and Redd our devoted students of progressing there playing skills. Both our Multi-instrumentalist’s and have covered a mass collection of styles over the years but always keeping their own sound at the same time.

Many influences over the years have helped shape who they are and grow to be. They are children of the age of the Grateful Dead and students of Garcia & Grisman!! It has been said that POTWILD’S music is dipped in Folk,Blues,Jazz,Rock,Bluegrass free improvisation and self-taught classical studies.

When I interviewed Ryan and Redd back in the summer of 2009, I ask them who they were really absorbing at the Moment and they both responded, Anymore its always Charlie Parker or the Grateful Dead!!! Anymore it seems the freedom of improvisation of the Grateful dead and the flowing of Charlie Parker AKA (Bird) is where they get there Musical Meals these days. The family and community of brothers and sisters and the love they share for music and peace has no equal to the love they feel when they are at home with there Brothers and Sisters. it’s pretty amazing to come across two musical souls that play together so well and to see it live is what its all about!! Built to last these Boys are meant to be!!