The Phoenix Down

The Phoenix Down


The Phoenix Down is a new creation that has been many years in the making. Firstly, a little about the name. The down feathers of a phoenix are said to have restorative properties and even can resurrect a fallen comrade. It is fitting as the band was born from the ashes of another group known as Namaste, a ten year plus veteran band of the Evansville, IN area. Songs written by Stephen Horning during the Namaste years have been, and continue to be, retro-fitted to the new group, and new material is being developed.


Although there are many beautiful and very creative people in the Evansville area, the specific creative styles of the individuals in this band seem to support and add to each other in incredible ways. From Jordan and Andy’s experimentation with sounds and textures to the complex rhythmic additions of Dene and Zach and then the solid foundation provided by Mark’s bass, the soundscape created allows for a very interesting and energizing listening experience.


The lyrics are meant to be uplifting/motivating or at least relatable. Usually they encompass life lessons and trials which shape the human spirit.


The instrumental sections lend themselves to group improvisation and strive to exemplify what human minds are capable of when they allow themselves to unify toward a common goal.


The list of influences are far too many to list in one sitting as each member has a wide ranging and eclectic view on music. Some of the styles which are more prominent in The Phoenix Down are progressive rock, classic rock, reggae, and electronica. That being said, the music is hard to describe with words and truly must be experienced.