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Raised in the Italian city of Vajont, seasoned in the American southwest, baked and hardened in the streets of the 317, Spaghetto, the locked and loaded audial representation of the classic dish, brings to the table a feast of saucy beats served atop a pile of freshly prepared spaghetti.

No seriously, he’s serving spaghetti…

…or another dish from his family cookbook, while blasting fresh beats from a mélange of genres. Spaghetto, a.k.a. David Embry, creates a full sensory experience unlike any other by indulging the ears with ambrosial beats, teasing the nose with heavenly aromas, satisfying the taste buds with freshly prepared dishes, and amusing the eyes by mixing songs and sauces at the same time.

Is he for real?

Yes. Yes, he is. From his first project DJ Embryo, to his most recent musical endeavor Spaghetto, Embry has concentrated his efforts on evolving his performances musically as well as visually. Embry has produced beats, played guitar and keys, and rocked lead vocals for several bands from local acts, such as Embryonic Fluid, to nationally touring acts like Turbo Suit and Cosby Sweater. Musical ingenuity is undeniably evident in the work of the aforementioned bands, and Spaghetto, while exclusively Embry’s project, is certainly not lacking in talent or originality.

Somewhere swirled in between the bass lines and basil, and the chrome rims and ravioli, is the musical main dish simmering in synthesizers and vodka sauce. Spaghetto serves up an entire menu of dope tracks and fire dishes seasoned with a secret selection of herbs and vices sure to satiate all your senses.

Spaghetto | Spaghetto | facebook

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