Get on the bus to Umphrey’s!

Get on the bus to Umphrey's!

The bus will make trips down to The Lawn at White River Park this year. The first will depart The Mousetrap @ 6:00 and the second @ 8.00. After the show, the bus will make two return trips as well. Buying a ride on the bus also gets you into The Mousetrap after the show cover- free.

$15 per person.

Seats may be purchased before Saturday.

Sign up with any bartender.

The Mousetrap’s bus to Umphrey’s Mcgee and Cosby Sweater

The bus will be making two trips to and from The Lawn at White River. Josh Oldham will be playing in the hippie corral to entertain you while you wait. The first trip will leave The Mousetrap @ 5:30, then come back to pick up the stragglers. It will then make two trips back to the bar immediately following the show. Wristbands for the bus will be $15.00 for the round trip and can be purchased at the bar ahead of time or day of. The price includes admission to the bar upon your return, given that you are at least 21 years old. This should be a great time!