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The Trip is a band of three, young well-rounded musicians in every way. Everywhere I see them play and when they perform at my radio show, their passion and desire for music really hits home with anyone and everyone that is listening.” This is what well known and respected Indy DJ, Penny Lane had to say of The Trip after they promoted an upcoming performance on her daily radio show. This was only months after the formation of the band and they were glad to already have accomplished so much. Their top of the line radio-quality EP recorded with award winning producer, Corey Miller, sold over 500 copies and the band wasn’t even a year old. Each member knew that this was more than just an after-school hobby, their music was selling on ITunes and Spotify and fans were sharing it with friends and family. Before The Trip knew it, they had garnered a fan base like no other and a reputation of releasing solid, flawless recordings and performing with an enormous amount of energy and clean sound.

It all started when the band’s writer and front man, Dacota Muckey, saw the “Huxford Brothers” performing at a local all ages club in Fishers, Indiana. Jake and Riley Huxford were a bass and drum duo that made an audience in awe at what a couple of brothers could do with nothing but four strings and some drums. Jake’s unique bass riffs with Riley’s extremely clean drumming caught Dacota’s ear immediatley. The three spoke after the show and after a few jams, The Trip was born.

The band wasted no time getting into the studio. They recorded their first 4 song EP with award winning producer, Corey Miller, at The Lodge in downtown Indianapolis. The CD was a huge success and sold over 500 copies. Bars and venues started to become very interested in the buzz The Trip was producing in the music world. The three piece quickly got to gigging and promoting their unique sound. The owner of Bloomington’s Players Pub had this to say after experiencing The Trip; “We run a music house with 14 acts a week. My employees hear a lot of bands. Several of them bought “The Trip” CDs & insist that we keep their CD in the house music rotation. These 3 young players love to play and it shows.”

Their music has now been performed in hundreds of bars and festivals all over Indiana from the Bluebird, to the Cornstock Festival and more. They have made appearances on radio stations all over Indy including WTTS in Bloomington, Giant 96 Real Radio in Shelbyville, Radio Free Indy Online and more! Their music is being sold at a rate they can hardly keep track of. This was all accomplished by a very young 3 piece that has hardly been together a year. It’s very clear that The Trip is going big places and their music is the driving force behind their success.

Back in studio, Dacota, Jake, and Riley are hard at work on producing their masterpiece. “This new music, it’s something magical. The hardest part of working on it, is not being able to show people quite yet,” recalls Dacota. The Trip is releasing their new EP with a huge campout/festival on the beautiful property of Stable Studios is Spencer, Indiana on Saturday, May 9th. “Its like a make-shift Woodstock. People who haven’t got a ticket will realize what they’re missing last minute and flock to Spencer.”

Anyone who is introduced to The Trip in the musical world immediately realizes that they a very serious musical force. “They have the fullest sound I’ve ever heard a 3 piece have,” claims Owner of Stable Studios, Chris Kinnick. Expect nothing but big things from The Trip. They are sky rocketing at an exponential rate and their music isn’t just getting a big hype here in Indy, but all over the country. Stable Studios just recently launched an online radio station the plays The Trip’s songs all over the world!

Be a part of the amazing things being accomplished by The Trip. Keep checking into their website and other social medias to keep up to date on everything in the world of The Trip.


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