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Snakeskin Cowboy

In Indianapolis, Indiana at the height of the Hard Rock Music Era of the Mid-1980’s, the answer to Ted Nugent’s question, “ Snakeskin Cowboys, who the hell do you think you are ? “ was answered! SNAKESKIN COWBOY arose as a band of such a distinct sound and image that it took the music scene by storm. The slimy, hard rockin’ grooves combined with their incredibly tasty hook driven choruses, leave you with such a unique catchy sound that it made you want to shed your skin!

Snakeskin Cowboy began as “Broken Toy “ in Indianapolis, Indiana in March of 1989 by Vocalist Jimmy Cain, Guitarist Scott Newbold, Bassist John D. and Drummer Don Webber. They played one show only under this moniker until the summer of 1989, and then decided as a group to change their name to SNAKESKIN COWBOY, thus the sound began…

The sound was a combination of Jimmy Cain’s gritty, real & raunchy vocals licks. Scott Newbold’s thick and tough as nails approach to guitar playing with Ted Nugent, AC/DC & Ace Frehley influenced riffs. John D. came at you with an in the pocket, on the money groove-style of bass playing. Drummer Don Webber held it all together to create something special in the midst of an era and decade filled with much competition.

They record their first 6 song SNAKESKIN COWBOY EP . Radio stations in Indianapolis started playing such rockin’ jems as: “Sweet Sweet Summertime”, “Dancing in the Dirt”, “Back Alley Sally”, “Day To Day” and the ballad “Keep Holding On.”

Snakeskin Cowboy began getting recognition from their peers. The Indianapolis Star and other local magazines “ The CALL “ and “ HIJINX “ caught the buzz that SNAKESKIN COWBOY created on the street and decide to run exclusive photos, stories & interviews of the band. They hired Manager Chris Yingling and soon started playing the major venues in Indianapolis including the legendary rock club, “The RITZ.”

With such classic cuts as “Pea Patch”, “Grass Salad” & “To the Moon”, 1990 was a watershed year for SNAKESKIN COWBOY. They continued to rock the Midwest their way with their Blues & Grass Roots Groove based style of Rock N’ Roll. Peeking the interest of major industry music labels, singer Jimmy Cain & manager Chris Yingling headed out to California to the Concrete Marketing / Foundations Forum Convention to promote the group’s success. There they met Drummer Eric Carr of KISS. He heard a copy of their material and gave it a favorable review.

Soon after in 1990, SNAKESKIN COWBOY was featured as “ THE band to watch for! “ in the extremely popular metal magazine of the time “ METAL EDGE.” SNAKESKIN COWBOY received rave live reviews after opening for the likes of CINDERELLA, ENUFF Z’NUFF and BANG TANGO. By the end of the year, they released their first video for the single “ KISS AND TELL BLUES.”

In 1992, Drummer Don Webber left the band for a 2nd and final time. He was replaced by Drummer Mike Schroeder, and the band returned to the studio to record their new offering “ Six Slimy Songs “ EP. It soon attracted more attention to the already growing popularity of the group. Their reputation for being as good live as they sounded in the studio began a series of shows that would solidify SNAKESKIN COWBOY as one of the most exciting & freshest sounding premier rock bands to emerge during “ The Metal Years.”

Unfortunately by December of 1993, the demise of SNAKESKIN COWBOY had begun. The music scene had radically changed and “ grunge “ was the new fashion. Bassist John D. decided to leave the band and, as many of the extraordinary acts of the time, SNAKESKIN COWBOY rode off into the sunset and became a piece of music history.

This Disc is compilation of the only known recordings of SNAKESKIN COWBOY. These Original RARE Recordings have been carefully compiled, collected, remixed and Digitally Enhanced for a Maximum Kick-Ass Hard Rockin’ time !

So, get up and groove to the One and Only, SNAKESKIN COWBOY

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Let’s Make 2106 ” The Year of The Snake ” !!!


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